Train your mind and your body will follow

January 31, 2018

We often hear about how to “lose weight in 8 weeks”, “get the six pack of our dreams” or “sculpt that booty.” But what is really lacking in the health and fitness industry is the emphasis on the importance of training your mind!

After all, our mind is what determines all of the outcomes in our life.

Once you start seeing the world through different eyes and getting your mindset right, your body will naturally follow.

Here are my top 10 tips in order to train your mind, become fearless and achieve your goals.

#1: Don’t wait for motivation.
It is extremely rare to always be motivated. People who always get things done implement scheduled actions into their daily routine, rather than waiting for “the right moment.” The only right moment is right now.


#2: Learn how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.
I’d like you to ask yourself, what is one of your greatest achievements in life? Now ask, did this achievement cause you to become uncomfortable in the first place? The answer is always yes.
Remember, if we become complacent, we stop growing and progressing.

#3: Create a vision of your life.
Take time out to visualize exactly where you want to be in your dream life. Set up reminders around your house, print out photos and write down exactly what you’re working towards.
Then, rather than “faking it, ‘til you make it”, act as if this is already your life!

#4: Create specific goals.
As cliché as it sounds, this is extremely important! Not having a goal is like flying an airplane without a destination; you’ll just continue to go around in circles.
Before you start, get yourself in an energetic frame of mine and get excited! From there, write down your long-term goals. Break these down into smaller ones and put a bit of pressure on yourself with a realistic time frame. Then, create a check- list with everything you need to do each day in order to achieve these smaller goals. Focus on one step at a time.

#5: Remove all limitations and fear.
This one takes practice. We create our own limitations. Fear stands for “False Expectations Appearing as Reality.” Most of our problems that we have, will never even happen, we have just made up a story about it. If you find yourself feeling anxious or scared, ask yourself “did I create this story out of nothing? Where’s the proof?” Continue to catch yourself out and then distract yourself. Get up and walk around, put some music on or simply tell yourself, you’re doing it again.


#6: Surround yourself with empowering people, in empowering environments.
We are a product of our environment. Sometimes in life we need to let go of people and places that aren’t serving us a purpose, or encouraging us to grow. It’s ok to have different values and goals to others. Putting yourself in a place with likeminded individuals, will allow you to blossom even further.

#7: See obstacles as learning opportunities.
In life, failure is a given. The word has a harsh stigma around it portrays the meaning that we aren’t good enough or worthy.
It is only a failure if we give up!!! Instead, think of these moments as something we can learn from, in order to become better.
If something is going well, we won’t change it and therefore we won’t grow and learn from it, so we need the times where things don’t go to plan.


#8: Change your language.
Would you speak to others how you speak to yourself? What we tell ourselves directly influences how we act and therefore the outcomes of our life. Rather than focusing on what we “hate”, acknowledge that although


this may not be one of our strengths right now, there’s no reason why it can’t be with a little bit of work.

#9: Find what really drives you and then keep doing that!
Take the time to figure out what is your driving force. Hint: It’s more than money, fancy cars or any other short-term distraction. In order to find your true passion, find a way in which you can help others and give back to the world. What is the legacy you’ll be leaving?

#10: Take action.
As the great man Arnold Schwarzenegger says: "If not now, when? If not you, who?"

Take action right now!





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