The reality of life after fitness competitions

September 20, 2016

If anyone is feeling a bit lost post comp I just want to take a moment to speak about the reality of it all.. well my reality anyway 😊

Unfortunately comp bodies aren't sustainable, no matter what anyone says or posts on social media. Nor is it healthy to maintain such a low body fat percentage or calorie intake.

Of course I'd LOVE to look like how I did on the left.. life was awesome, I had just won two comps, I was getting compliments left right and centre.. BUT I was exhausted...

5 months on and I have travelled all over Europe, gone out for meals and drinks with friends and just had more time for me. I still train 5-6 days a week and watch my meals, But my focus now is to build more muscle for my comp next year. 

Sure we can try to maintain what we have which is fine if that's your goal, but in order to build, we must eat more.

It's important to create new goals and try to focus on strength rather than aesthetics. 


You will have your time to be lean again, but for now it's ok to let your hair down a little, eat the foods your body will crave (those cravings will go away I promise) and just give your body and mind a rest and the TLC it deserves 💕 all in all I am extremely happy now and I know my time to be lean again will come when I'm ready, and yours will too ❤️💪🏽 

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