The benefits of deadlifting

April 3, 2017

Deadlifts!! 💕 (Sumo deadlifts in this case).

Such an amazing exercise and a must for your leg sessions. They are fantastic for strengthening your lower back, hamstrings, grip strength and glutes❗️🍑

Other benefits include:
👊🏽 Increased fat burning as it's such a big exercise.

👊🏽 Better posture. Most of our daily activities involve the front of our body (driving, sitting at a desk, scrolling on Instagram), so this balances out our posterior chain (muscles on the back of our body) for a more upright posture.

👊🏽 Less chance of injury when lifting every day objects.

When you are trying them for the first time, always start light, always warm up and make sure your back isn't arched. Best bet is to chat to a trainer or someone who has done them before ☺️ 





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