Post comp blues have hit

May 14, 2016

Not going to make up a story and say post comp has been smooth sailing..It's bloody hard! 😓I want my abs to stay, I want my muscles to grow AND I want snack food. And then there are some instances where I REALLY want snack food. But you can't have all that at the same time! Well maybe "in moderation" but as I described to some of the girls who are also going to through similar things, it's like an inner animal takes over to just wants to consume everything in site! 🐻🐯🦁


Sure part of it is the more relaxed mind set but I know my hormones and body loved that first sneaky taste of refined sugar and carbs and just wanted more!! ​

Thankfully it's all settling down now and slowly the novelty of eating crap is wearing off.

Thank you to those that have given me advice as they are going through the same things 😊 glad I'm not alone!

But still loving the journey and learning about this crazy roller coaster I seem to be on!

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October 15, 2016

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