"But I just love food too much"

April 11, 2017

This is one of the most common phrases I hear when people are too reluctant to improve their health.


Gone are the days of restriction and cutting out food groups, so there's no reason why you can't be a healthy weight as well as enjoying the foods you love (within reason) 👌🏽


As soon as you become aware of your emotional connection to food, it is easier to remove. 


Goal setting, giving yourself other forms of rewards and removing the "punishment" factor with eating poorly can help. Slowly but surely food will be seen more as fuel rather than something that is the epitome of your happiness and stress relief. .



And yes we are all human and all bloody love food, but the emotional moments of reaching the milestones you set yourself always triumph the temporary feeling you get from indulging in treats. 


Keep your eyes on the prize 

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