What to do when your hunger takes over

April 3, 2016

Today was tough! I don't know what happened but I could have dived into every type of junk food under the sun 😐 

When motivation is low and you feel like going off the rails, there are a few things that might help.
🔅Talk to your friends and family. They always have the best advice and can help re motivate you 💕
🔅 Remember why you're working towards your goals.
🔅 Look at photos you are proud of.
🔅 Fill your tummy with unprocessed, filling foods. Or if you're craving a sugar fix, try make it fit your daily food intake or try to make it a reas
onably healthy option ☺️ some Pana Chocolate and a bit of Nutella did the trick today! (Still fitted my macros 👌🏽)
If you've reached your food intake, have some BCAAs or chew gum.

🔅 Distract yourself and try to stay busy.
🔅 Try to get enough sleep. No one likes being both sleepy AND hangry 😁
🔅 Remember you are human and not every day will be perfect.
🔅 Keep grinding away. You've got this 💙 if it were easy, everyone would be doing it 😁
🔅 Tomorrow is a new day.

Much love 💕 

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