Why foam rolling is essential in maximising recovery and results

December 8, 2015


We often see these blue foam sticks hanging around our gym, but may not necessarily know what they're good for or how we can use them without falling off.

Have no fear! Once you set yourself up on one of these bad boys, it's actually more beneficial to remain stationary and let the foam roller sink in to your muscles, rather than rolling your muscles out in a rolling pin type fashion. 

Why it is essential to foam roll:
⬆️ Increased range of motion in joints and muscles.
⬆️ Increased flexibility.
⬆️ Neuromuscular efficiency (the way our nerves interact with our muscles).
⬆️ Increased blood flow.
⬇️ Reduced pain (after we finish getting those knots out).
⬇️ Reduced injuries.

Foam rolling is great for warming up our muscles, mid work out if we are feeling tight and essential post workout as part of our cool down. Enjoy!

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